03 February 2014

Prepping for another Winter Storm

 I live in Missouri and it snows like a lot and I'm totally ok with it. But I'm so over all this snow and staying inside day after day is starting to drive me bananas. 
I'm so ready for Spring. I mean really who isn't. 
Delicious breakfast this morning! 

Tomorrow we are suppose to get 7-9 inches of snow. We already have about 3 inches now... 
Yeah, sounds super fun doesn't it. Plus, Truman hates, hates, hates going to the bathroom when there's snow on the ground so I'm sure sometime by the end of the week he will have gone on my kitchen floor. Ugh. 
I've known about this snow storm for a while so I wanted to make sure I had some things I could do instead of just staring at the T.V. and household work. Chris probably won't have school Tuesday and Wednesday and for the first time ever I have the laundry caught up. I know I just jinxed myself. 

Yeah, not excited...

I been dying to make some homemade chicken noodle soup since its been freezing here. It just seems like the comfort food. I've never made it homemade, probably because I know the hubs won't touch it because it'll have veggies in it. He's crazy I know, but I still love him. 
So I decided I'm going to made homemade chicken stock and homemade chicken noodle soup. 
Something clean, delicious, low of sodium and full of flavor. 
If everything turn out I will be posting the recipes this week. You know since I won't have anything else to do. 

Also, I have a few at home workouts planned since I know I won't be getting to the gym at 5 a.m. like I have planned. Ugh, dang weather. But I found some great workouts to do from home! I'm pretty excited! 

What do you have planned this week?
Are you getting hit with a winter storm this week too?

44 days til Spring! 
Anyone else counting down!?

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  1. We are in the midst of getting the snow too. We are forecasted for 6", hope they are off and we only get 2, ha! I'm not too sick of the snow and cold yet, but after Baby is here I'll def be ready for warmer temps and spring-like weather - don't want to take Baby out in the freezing temps too much so I"ll be homebound for awhile I think.