11 February 2014

New HIIT Workout

Yesterday was spend cleaning the house and running errands but I knew I needed to get a good workout in that wouldn't take long. 
Normally, I would just be like oh today can be my rest day but yesterday I didn't let that happen. I stuck with my workout I had on the schedule. 

I've been eating the same thing for breakfast and I love it. Although I decided to switch things up later this week. Rice cake with pb, banana and Greek yogurt. Coffee with almond milk Its probably my favorite and so easy to make. 

After breakfast I cleaned up the house, washed laundry and did the dishes and before I knew it, it was time for lunch for Olivia and I. I fed her then I ate a quick lunch. 
I knew I had to take some stuff to Chris at school then I had to run to town to do some errands so I wanted to get my workout in before I left the house. 

I did the Tone It Up HIIT workout. 
If you're like me and had no idea what Tone It Up was or that it even existed until I saw it on T.V. 
I watched the show on Bravo and knew these girls really knew their fitness stuff so I decided to give one of their workouts a try. And boy oh boy was it a great workout. 
Its only a 20 minutes workout which was great but dang it sure worked every part of my body. It was quick and I could barley walk afterward. 
Totally doing this workout again this week! 

Workout included:
Punch & Crunch
3 rounds of each, 20 seconds then 10 second rest

 Today I have a few miles planned. I'm ready for Sunday. It's suppose to be 50 degrees out. PERFECT running weather!

Did you even watch Tone It Up on Bravo?
Do you like HIIT workouts?

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