24 February 2014

I Joined the 5am Club

For a while now I've been wanting to go workout at 5 a.m. Today was the day.

It was rough getting out of bed at 4:35 to get ready and meet a friend at the gym. I was still tired and I wanted to lay there in my warm bed still cuddling with the hubs... 
But I got up and went ot the gym. 

I ate this after working out

Normally I go and workout during the day and my mom watches Miss O for me. 
But there have been days where she can't do it or O isn't feeling good, cranky and all that so I haven't worked out as much as I would like too. 
Friday I had a friend put on Facebook that she wanted a workout buddy, so I gladly signed up. 
It was nice getting my workout done and out of the way! 

I got a run in. Although I hate the dreamill (my word for that awful treadmill) I'm still happy I got a to run. Its suppose to be cold here again this week so I won't be running outside... 

Joining the #5amclub is going to work out pretty good! 
I like getting there working out, getting home, eating breakfast, shower, dishes and laundry all before Miss O wakes up! 
Yes, I could get used to this!!! 

Conversation time
When do you workout? 
Do you have a workout buddy?


  1. Awesome! Great job getting up early and getting the workout in. I've been a part of the 5am club, but more often than not I'm a part of the 5pm club. I do like to get it done early though.

  2. Awesome!!! The number on the clock sikes me out and that warm bed keeps calling. I'm glad you found a time that works for you :)

  3. Go you! It's not easy getting up early to workout but if you let it become habit you may just enjoy the heck out of it! I get up at four and get my first workout in around 4:30. This is in time to also get some work done and fix me and the hubs breakfast before our day starts. Then I teach classes at the YMCA around 9 & 11 throughout the week so all my exercise gets in in the AM hours. I am much more of a morning person so this is good for me. No workout buddy for me though sometimes I think I enjoy the quite time all to myself. :) Keep it up!