20 January 2014

Weekend Recap

Holy cow, I feel like the weekend didn't last near long enough. I get this feeling all the time. Boo! 
We were pretty busy but it was a great weekend. 
Friday night after Chris got home from school we ran to town did some errands and shopping. I bought a few new shirts with one of my Christmas gift cards. 
The hubs didn't really care for this look... Everyone on instagram however loved it!  

Saturday the hubs and I had a benefit dinner/auction to go to. 
We had a good time. Miss O stayed with his parents. This mama may of have a drink or two! 
We got home about 10 and I was more than ready for bed. 

She's to busy to take picture these days.

I won this picture at the auction and I love it! 

Sunday we didn't do much. Went and picked up Olivia then we to visit Chris grandparents. 
They love seeing Miss O. 
Oh and we watched the Patriots lose... 

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