17 January 2014

Friday Favorites

Another crazy weekend ahead for Chris and I. 
Tonight, I don't think we are doing much of anything but then Saturday morning I'm coloring and cutting my grandma and aunt's hair (don't worry I'm a professional) then Saturday night Chris and I have a benefit to go too.
Miss O is staying with his parents and I'm preparing for it to be a pretty long night! 
Sunday I will probably be cleaning, laundry and other wifey things I should be doing. 

Now, for my Friday Favorite! 

Favorite Outfit: I love the minty/teal in this outfit! 

Favorite Workout: I did this workout 3 times this week. And I kinda loved it. 

Favorite Photo: Isn't this cute! I wanna do this with Miss O when she's older!! 

Favorite Drink: Skinny Blackberry Margarita. I mean come on doesn't this look uh-mazing! Not to mention its skinny! 

Favorite Salad Recipe:  Summer Macaroni Salad. This look delish. I can't wait to make something like this that's g-free this summer! 

Favorite Sign: I would love something like this in my house!! I love it! 

Have a great weekend!! 

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