10 January 2014

Friday Favorites

Man, I can't believe it's Friday already. Chris only went to school three days this week so I'm all mixed up on my days! 
I'm pretty excited for the weekend. Miss O and I have a baby shower Saturday morning and then a birthday party Saturday afternoon then she's staying the night with my parents and the hubs and I are going out for a date night! 
We are pretty excited. Dinner and a movie. I know, we are crazy people! HA. 

So here's my Friday Favorites for this week. 

Favorite DIY: Metal Memo Board  I love, love, love this! totally making this soon!

Favorite Workout: Morning Yoga Sequence. I want to start doing this every morning. Plus, my amazing friend Jenn has talked to into taking some yoga. I've been going back and forth about taking a class once a week. I think I'm going to now :) 

Favorite Pup: Isn't this puppy the cutest! 

Favorite Outfit: 

Favorite Recipe: Chicken Avocado Spring Rolls These look amazing!!! I kind of sorta made these in tortillas because no one around here sells rice paper! But I'm hoping to find rice paper soon and make this recipe!

Favorite Colors: You'll be seeing more of these colors soon! :)

That's it for my favorites this week!
Have an amazing weekend! 

What are you plans for the weekend?

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