03 January 2014

Friday Favorites

Ending this wonderful week with all my favorite finds through out the week. 
We don't have big plans this weekend which will be kind of nice, just stay home. 
Saturday I am going to lunch with the bestie but that's about all. 
Hoping to stay on top of laundry since I've been pretty good about it lately. We will see. 
Monday I'm going to start going to the gym at 5 a.m. with my mom. 
I wish I didn't have to go sooooo early in the morning but I know its the best time for me to go. 

Now onto my Friday Favorites post. Since Friday's. 
I used to do a High 5 for Friday's post but I thought I would start sharing some of my favorite things I've seen throughout the week on the internets pinterest. I know Iowa Girl Eats does this to and I love the idea
This will become my new Friday post because its easy and I love the idea of sharing new things I love besides just fitness and health related. 

Favorite Workout Tank: Training to be Wonder Woman Of course this is totally on my list to buy soon! 

Favorite Shake: Snickers Protein Shake Doesn't this look DELICIOUS!! I mean who wouldn't want to eat this for breakfast! And only 240 calories!! That's my kind of treat. Plus, it just happens to be my favorite candy bar. ;) 
Favorite DIY: Bar Cart How cute is this. I love this website so much. I'm always finding stuff I want to DIY for when Chris and I buy a house and this one is on the list. 
Favorite Pup: I saw this floating around Pinterest and thought it was too cute not to share! Plus, I kinda love pugs! 
Favorite Sparkle: I thought this would be too cute for a party idea. I mean if I would of hosted my own NYE party I totally would have done something like this. For some reason NYE screams gold and sparkles to me! 
Favorite Bake Good: Healthy Chocolate Muffins. At only 95 calories I know what I'm making this weekend! These not only look amazing but they are pretty healthy too! Chocolate and healthy in one dish. I'll take that! 
Favorite Outfit: If only I had somewhere fancy to go. I just love this outfit! 
Favorite Nails: Next time I get my nails did I totally want something like this! Totally cute. 
Favorite Resolution: 


  1. Those are so really cute items you have listed. If you like the nail designs like that, you should look into Jamberry Nails. You'd really like them.

  2. I love that Wonder Woman shirt! I always wanted to be Wonder Woman when I was a kid! Have you tried the Snicker's shake yet? I've just been thinking about starting to add protein shakes to my diet, but I'm a little nervous about what protein powder and recipes to try.

  3. Love it ALL!!! I am definitely stealing this idea for next Friday also!!