10 December 2013

Races in 2014.

There aren't anymore races in 2013 I'll be doing. I'm kind of sad but I'm ready for next year. 
Remember me telling you about 14 in '14 
Well I'm pretty sure I have more than 14 I'm wanting to do. Not sure that I'll do all of them but here's a look at the ones that I have in mind. 

26- Groundhog 10k

15- Big 12 5k
22- Pitter Pat 5k - Springfield

12- Rock the Parkway 5k 
26- Garmin Marathon 5k 

These are the races I have down so far and I'm pretty excited! 
There are more I would like to do but they aren't on the calender yet so I'm waiting to see when they will be. Let the race season begin!! 

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