02 December 2013

Elf for Health: Week 1

Last week was the first week of Elf for Health and every day there were different challenges I completed. 
The first week was a great week. My buddy is so sweet and nice. Go check her blog out here!
She's the sweetest and so supportive. I can't wait to get to know her more! 

Back to the challenges. They were great nothing to hard until yesterday when I had 100 burpees to do... 
Here's how the week went. 

Monday: Go Meatless. 
I usually cook meat a lot just because that's how I was raised and my hubs likes meat at every meal. But I was determined to stick with the challenge so I went meatless all day. It was great! I'm thinking about doing a meatless night once a week. For breakfast I had eggs and some fruit. Lunch was potato soup and a salad and for dinner I had zucchini pizza which was delicious! I made this recipe and plan on making more of it. It was so good! 

Tuesday: Unsubscribe. 
This was pretty great I cleaned out my Facebook friends and "likes" and cleaned out all that junk mail I keep getting emailed to me. I unsubscribed to 189 emails. I know crazy! I used to site unroll.me to help find everything I wanted to unsubscribe to. Go and do it yourself. 

Wednesday: New Workout. 
This one pretty amazing. I did a new workout I found on instagram. Go and follow @workoutroutine they are always putting workouts on there. This is the one I did. I've done a few of the moves before but I loved this workout! 

Thursday: Make a phone call. 
This one was super hard for me to do because every time I tried calling someone they were calling me to wish me a happy birthday. I never got the chance to call anyone but at least I talked on the phone more than once this day! 

Friday: Track Your Water Intake. 
I did this and drank a crap ton of water but forgot to take one dang picture! My mom, aunt, cousin and great aunt all went shopping Friday afternoon and I forgot about taking any pictures of my water intake but I did track down about 70 oz.

Saturday: Treat Yourself. 
This is something I usually don't do because I know there's always something I could/need to buy Miss O. Especially this time of year I'm buying her and the hubs Christmas presents. But I decided to treat myself to a little something. Something I knew I would use and needed. 
I got two new workout shirts and a new water bottle! 

Sunday: 100 Burpees
Holy cow this one was hard! Up until yesterday I had never done a single burpee and didn't even know what they were. Totally looked them up on YouTube. I started out doing 10 every half hour then it went to 10 every hour and I only got about 50 in before I felt like I was dying. They are so hard and I might hate them a little. I know a few girls that did all 100 at once. If I could be that girl! 

Can't wait for this weeks challenges. 
Have an amazing day! 

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. This sounds so awesome! Is this just for December or do they host this monthly? I'd love to do it after the baby is born!