04 December 2013

10k & Burpees

So if you've been reading my blog long you know I HATE running on a freaking dreadmill (treadmill). Its painful and just plain awful. I have no idea how people do it. I rather run outside in -10 degree weather or 105 degrees than run on that stupid thing. But yesterday, I knew I needed to get my workout in and I've been dying to run and I knew I wouldn't get a chance to run outside. So, I ran on that stupid thing and surprising I felt amazing. 

My mom and dad own a treadmill. It sets in their living room right in front of the T.V. so I knew if I wanted to run Miss O would have something to watch and entertain herself. 
Right before lunch I headed over there got her bottle ready, turned on cartoons and started my workout. 
I've decided to finally start training for that 10k I have signed up for in January. The race is 7 weeks away so I'm short a week of training but I'm okay with that. 

I ran/walk 2 miles then I walked the last half mile. My legs were killing me. I was mad I couldn't run the whole thing but I felf amazing. There's not a better feeling that after I get done with a run. Even thought I'm slower than a turtle some days, it just makes me happy. 

I really wanted to buy this popcorn but I didn't. 
I was a good girl! But doesn't that look/sound amazing! 

Yesterday's challenge for Elf for Health was to eat the rainbow. I did great! I did better than I thought I would since I hadn't been grocery shopping for the week yet. 
I'm really loving Elf for Health. Remember you can sign up for the second half by December 6th so go sign up! 

I've seen this challenge floating around the Pintrest world so I thought I would give them a try. Since I couldn't do my 100 burpees for my elf challenge I thought I would give this a try. Mainly I couldn't do them because I've never done them before and because they suck! Ha 
So since its still early in the month jump on this train with me.

If you guys are looking for another blog to read go and check out my friend Jenn. She just started blogging again. She's amazing and hilarious! She just joined a CrossFit box and loves to run too. Give her some love and follow her story! 

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