05 November 2013

Pile on the Miles

Wow last week was crazy busy. I didn't even have time to blog which I hate. 
I love blogging but sometimes life gets in the way. 
The weekend was just as busy as the week. 
Olivia the Pig! 
We did have a great first Halloween! 
We went to Springfield to see some friends that we haven't seen in a while. 
We just love everything about Springfield. It was super nice to get away and see everyone. Chris took a personal day yesterday and we got home yesterday afternoon. It was so nice staying an extra day but man this morning didn't feel like Tuesday already. 

Tinley and Olivia are only 9 days apart and totally love each other! 
Since its November, for the past 2 years I do a event called Pile on the Miles with Run Eat Repeat
Basically you just make a goal to walk or run so many miles for the month of November. My goal is to complete 60 miles this month. Its about 2.5 miles per day with one day a week off. 
I really love this event because I feel like I don't just quit working out during the holidays. 
So if you are looking for something like this go here and sign up! Its FREE and you can win prizes each 
Here's this week workout plans: 
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: BodyPump
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: BodyPump + 1 mile walk
Friday: 2 miles
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: 3 miles
This weeks meal plan:
Monday: out for dinner
Tuesday: Crock Pot Chili 
Wednesday: leftover chili
Thursday: Roast Pork & Potatos 
Friday: Football game/leftovers
Saturday: BBQ Chicken thighs with bakes"fries"
Sunday: GF Homemade Pizza

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  1. yay, I am doing it too and how cute is Olivia the Pig :) My daughter loves that show :)