25 November 2013

New Things

Hey ladies! 
I know I haven't blogged in awhile. 
Miss O has been keeping my busy! She's growing and changing every day. It crazy how fast time goes. 
She will be 5 months in two weeks. I'm loving this stage. When she learns something new it melts my heart. 
Her last doctor appointment she weighted in at 12 pounds 13 oz. Which is double her size from birth but I still have a tiny little thing on my hands. :) 
She had to teeth now, loves to play on her play mat. And she loves sitting in her highchair watching Momma cook. 
 (Isn't she cute!)
So news things are coming to the blog! 
New recipes, new workouts, and more are coming soon! I'm so excited. I've got some great new recipes for you guys!! 
You are going to love them. They are mostly clean eating which is great since I see more and more people going clean. 
I have new workouts I'm going to be trying and I'll post which ones I love on here. 
Also, I signed up for Elf for Health
This is a four week challenge! Starting November 25-December 22. 
The are four different challenges: Food, Fitness, For You & For Others. 
You get a "elf" buddy that you email with for two weeks then you get a different buddy for the last two weeks. There are over 800 participants this year and I'm so excited to be part of it. 
There are weekly challenges which I'm totally excited for. 
I think you still have a chance to sign up for the last two weeks of the challenge but you must sign up by December 6th. 
Who wouldn't want a little challenge this holiday season! 

Also, check me out here
I'm a Featured Sneaker this week!! 
I did a little Q & A! 
Click here to read the post! 

This weeks meal plans: 
Monday: Zucchini Pizza Boats & Salad
Tuesday: Panko Pork Chops with Potatoes
Wednesday: salad bar
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Gluten-Free homemade pizza
Sunday: Thanksgiving Turkey Panini 


  1. Aww, what a cutie!! That's great you're doing Elf for Health! If you're up for adding a running challenge this winter, I have one going on over on my blog :)

  2. Oh my goodness, she is a tiny peanut!!! Adorable!