11 November 2013

Meal Plan: Week of November 11-17

Wow, its Monday already! 
And I have a 4 month old!! Holy cow, where did these last 4 months go! 
I can't believe she's four months already! 
Anyways, how was your weekend? Ours was good. 
Friday Chris had a football game, which they won! Miss O and I hung out with my mom and aunt. 
Saturday Chris and I went to see the movie Thor. It was pretty freaking amazing!! 
Not only is Thor a major hunk it was a pretty great movie also. 
I hadn't seen the first one so last week Chris made me watch it before he'd let me see this one. 
Marvel does such a great job with their movies! I don't think they've done a bad one yet. 

Sunday we went grocery shopping then cleaned then house. 
Did a ton of laundry. I swear I feel like I never get caught up with that crap! 
Then later Sunday night I went and had dinner with my mom, grandma, great aunt and great uncle. 
We ate Mexican, which it my FAVORITE! 
This week meals
Monday: BBQ Chicken Thighs & "fries"
Tuesday: Gluten-Free Spaghetti
Wednesday: Roasted Chicken and Roasted Vegetables 
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: salad bar
Saturday: Gluten-Free Chicken Strips with Salad
Sunday: Gluten-Free Pizza

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