26 November 2013


Happy Tuesday!! I'm super excited for today. The hubs is off tomorrow for the next 5 days!! I'M SOOO EXCITED! 
Now that football is over he comes home at 3:30 everyday and its amazing! 
I'm sad the football team won't be playing for the state championship but we did get 3rd in the state which is pretty amazing! 

So, I've seen a few holiday challenges floating around the blog world so I thought I'd share which ones I'm giving a go. 
I love a good challenge. It's good for me to stay active since I know I have to commit to it. 

So the first challenege doesn't start until 2014 but I thought I would tell you all about it so you guys can go sign up now. 
You know how runners this year did the 13 in '13. 
Meaning 13 races in 2013. They can be a 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon or those crazy ultras people are doing! (They amaze me with 100 miles!) 
Well next year Jill from Fitness, Health & Happiness  is hosting 14 in '14. 
That's right from January 2014 to December 2014 you sign up to do a virtual or actual race! 
The challenge is to do 14 next year! 
I totally signed up for this because I think its a great thing! I'm going to run more 10ks than 5ks and I really want to do a half marathon next fall! So wish me luck! 
You should sign up here

Also, this winter I have signed up with Kristen aka The Running Mom do run 100 miles this winter. 
Yep, throughout the months on December, January and February I will run 100 miles.
That's only around 33 miles per month which is only about 9 miles per week. I can totally do that! 
Plus, it will help me with the holidays. Since I'm still trying to lose weight and I usually just quit during these fabulous holiday months. This year I'm not quitting I'm going to run my little heart out! 
Sign up here to do 100 miles this winter with me! Plus you can win prizes.


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