07 October 2013

Race Recap: Pink Laundry 5k

Yesterday I did another 5k for the year! I did the Pink Laundry 5k. 
I did the race last year so I know it would be great to do again. 
This year my mom, aunt, cousin, great aunt and grandma did it with me. It was a great time! 
My grandma pushed Miss O for half the race then I took over the other half. 

 I forgot how easy this course is. It starts out downtown Lee Summit and ends there. There was only a minor hill so it wasn't bad. I will say it was pretty chilly! I had Olivia so bundles up poor thing was hot when we got back to the truck to leave. I guess better than being to cold. 
I keep forgetting how hard it is to run pushing her in the stroller and our stroller seems to have a lose wheel. 
The front wheel was really shaky. Drove me nuts. I have no idea what's wrong with it but hopefully I can figure it out before I use it again. 

My great Aunt Linnie (left) and my Grandma (right) finished their first 5k in under an hour. I'm so proud of them! They did amazing! They also took turns pushing Miss O for half the race! 

She slept the entire race! Isn't she cute!? :) 

The whole group! 


  1. Great job! Love the outfits, and of course your baby girl is adorable!!

  2. Awesome! I have that same stroller and it shakes when I run too, but if I lock the front wheel it doesn't anymore.