21 October 2013

Race Recap: Kansas City Marathon 5k

Saturday I ran another race. It was the Kansas City Marathon 5k.
This race was the biggest race I've ever been too. With about 12,000 people running I was a little worried I get run over. They did a great job putting on the race. Marathoners, half marathoners and rely all started 20 minutes before the 5k started. Which was great because I didn't get run over and it was pretty neat to see everyone take off. 

The course was all downtown Kansas City. It started outside of Crown Center. 
Chris and I woke up at 5 a.m. and left my cousin house by 5:30 to make sure we could get good parking. We were both terrified with so many people expected to be there that parking was going to be crazy but it was actually super easy to find something about 3 blocks from the start line which was a plus! 

Downtown Kansas City

The Sprint Center

It was freezing when we got there and I had the great idea to stand outside for an hour because I thought the start line was further away. I froze the whole time I was standing there. I warmed up once the race started. 
Although it was freezing outside it was a great race and very organized! I loved it.
I loved this race and I'm thinking about doing the half marathon next year! 

My pictures always look awful! 

What did you do this weekend?