08 October 2013

Currently: October

About a month ago I did a post where I talked about my current favorite things. 
So I thought today I would give you a little update on what I'm currently loving! 

Current Drink: Pumpkin Spice Coffee
Chris and I got this a few weeks ago. Since not having a Starbucks around us (its 1 hour away) I thought this would be the next best thing and it is! I wasn't crazy about it at first but now I'm LOVING it!

Current G-Free Find: Pillsbury Gluten Free Pizza Dough
We tried this last week and its delish! We are totally going to have this again for our treat meal! 

Current Show: Castle 
We LOVE this show. I've been watching it since Season 1. I'm so glad Castle and Beckett are finally together! Gosh isn't she pretty! 

Current book: Against All Grain
I'm loving this cookbook. If you really know me you know I love almost all cookbooks and I have a major problem with buying them. I just can't help but love them! 
This one is great if you are going Paleo! 

Current Snack: Cotton Candy Grapes
Sounds crazy right! I know I thought the same thing. I bought them a few weeks ago and now I love them. I totally want to buy some more but gosh they are $3.98/lb so they are totally a rare treat I'll get once in a while when they are out! 
P.S. They really do taste like cotton candy. So go try them if you want too. 


  1. I need to look for those grapes! :)

  2. Have you EVER tried the Strawberry Shortcake Dunkin Donuts coffee?! OMG it's amazing!! :D

  3. OOOO and I have tried those grapes!! SOOO flipping amazing, I cannot even put the experience into words, LOL!