17 October 2013

Birthdays & More

Yesterday I had my post all typed and ready to go Tuesday night. I realized last night that it didn't post. It probably didn't because I hit save instead of schedule like a retard. 
So I thought I would share what I had planned for yesterday and more. 

Yesterday was my hubs birthday. Plus my aunts and his cousins and a ton of other people. Plus, National Boss Day! Whew!! 
My hubby is truly amazing and I'm so glad I met him 15 years ago and fell in love. He's a great husband and father to Olivia (and Truman).

So yesterday my mom, Aunt Mikki, Olivia and I went to the city to celebrate her birthday. 
We went out for lumch, got pedicure and they got manicures. We did a little shopping too. Then we came home to the birthday boy. It was a great day! 

But I didn't have a chance to get my run in. Hoping I have a chance this morning. Or maybe this afternoon when its a little warmer. Every morning this week is has been like 48 which is freezing to me. I remember why I love hate winter so much. I really hate being cold but I would rather run outside in the cold than on a freaking dreadmill (dreadmill = dreading the treadmill or dying on the treadmill which ever one is you). 

If you "like" me on Facebook you probably read where I signed up for a race last minute. 
I decided I was going to do the Kansas City Marathon 5k this weekend. 

I've been dying to do a big race like this for a while. There's going to be like 1500-2000 people there. Most of them are running the half marathon, which I would love to run next year. I'm just so excited to experience a race this big. Hope I don't get lost in the shuffle of all the runners. Thanks goodness the 5k starts 30 minutes after the half marathon, marathon and relay start!  

I hear there's BBQ after the race! :-)

I decided to do it because the hubs and I are going to the city this weekend anyways. I'm doing my cousins hair for homecoming and then the hubs and I are going to dinner and just hanging out. Hoping I can talk him into taking me to Trader Joe's. I need to go so bad! 

Do you have a race this weekend?
Or any big plans?

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