23 September 2013

Weekend Fun + Tons of Pictures

Hello Monday, 
I wish you weren't here already! 
Anyone else feel this way? Yeah, I thought so too. 

This weekend was busy and amazing! Friday started off with Friday night football. In case some of you don't know my hubs is an assistant football coach. He loves it! This is his fourth year!! 

Her uncle was there for the game too! 

I took Miss O to the game. It will probably be her last game since its getting pretty chilly out. (Hello cold weather!) 
It was a great game! The Wildcats crushed the Pirates 92-0. We were hoping the other team wanted to stop at half time but they wanted to keep on playing, so that's what they did. 
Ollie's great grandpa came to watch the game too. She really enjoyed his company! 

Saturday Chris and I got up early went out for breakfast then came home and packed out bags so we could head to the city. Miss O stayed with his parents. 
I did my cousins hair for her homecoming. Isn't she the cutest! 

Then after that the hubs and I headed to the Royals game. We sat in the FRONT ROW!!!!!!!! 
We got tickets from his cousin who add 2 extra. It was amazing! 
The Royal's lost but it was still a great game and it was amazing sitting that close to the field.

After the game we sat in the parking lot hoping to get someone to sign the hubs baseball. We got Danny Duffy to sign it. He's a pitcher in case you don't know. 

Chris and I woke up early Sunday morning and headed back home.
Got my meal planning done right when I got home then I headed to the grocery store. 
The hubs and Ollie watched football and we all enjoyed the nice fall weather! 

Meal Planning feel like homework sometimes! 

What did you do this weekend?

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