16 September 2013

Race Recap: Winey B!#%H Cross Country 5k

Saturday night my mom, aunt, cousin and I did another 5k. 
The Winey B!#%h Cross Country 5k. 
It was brutal but amazing all at the same time. 
Its at the Fahrmeier Family Vineyards in Lexington MO. 
The course is pretty hard. Its through the vineyard. Its soooo hilly but a great workout! 
It was tough. I forgot how hard it was from last year

My aunt and I 

 Cousin Shelley, Mom and Aunt

They did have some improvements from last year. They evened out the ditches and put out signs when a ditch was coming up. I think I remember a few people tripping last year because there wasn't any warning. 
It was a beautiful night running while the sun was setting but boy was it hot. 
One perk is you get two free beers or wine after the race. 
I choose the beer just because the wine was in a tiny cup. The beer was in a huge cup! 
Oh and this year after the race they had a taco food truck there serving food. 
Taco Republic Truck 
 This was a great idea because I'm pretty sure EVERYONE ordered something from them. 
They're amazing and you could tell everything was so fresh!!! 
Check out their website and catch them in KC. 

This was my view almost the entire run. Isn't it beautiful! 
I got REALLY tired about half way through. 

Running through a field and vineyard is so much harder than I remember.
 And a lot harder than running on pavement. 
Can't wait to run this one again next year though. 

Be back tomorrow with meal plan and workout plans. 

What did you do over the weekend?


  1. Great Job Runner Mama :) That food truck sounds delish and free booze? Awesome :)

  2. That last pic made me smile! ;) Looks beautiful!