30 September 2013

October Fitness Goals

Good Monday Morning Peeps! 
Oh my goodness, I can't believe tomorrow is October! 
I'm going to have a 3 month old!
Where in the world has this year gone. I know I'm not the only one that feel like this year has just flow by, right? I love October. Its probably my favorite month out of the year besides December because of Christmas. I mainly love October because I feel like its officially fall and the weather is cool. Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING comes out, the leaves start changing colors and I can run outside without dying from the heat. 
So this month I've decided to do something different. 
I've been thinking about making some goals for myself each month instead of a huge list once a year. I think the smaller list each month will help me be accountable and it'll be more realistic to hit the goals I want to hit.

Here are the list of goals I hope to accomplish during the month of October. They are pretty easy goals but I know they will make a difference in this losing weight deal I'm still trying to do. 
Since starting Paleo I've lost about 6 lbs which is amazing to me. I feel amazing and have a ton of energy! 
My goals are:
Don't forget to post pictures if your doing the challenges along with me and the Four Fit Sisters.
If you're on instagram you can follow me @skinnyanddelicious 
You can log in your miles using #48milesinoctober and you can also use #october35for27 when you workout for the day! 
Question of the day:
What are you October fitness goals?
Do you have a favorite month?


  1. Great idea making smaller goal lists! And those are great goals! congrats on the 6 lb loss!

  2. Thanks for the Four Fit Sisters challenges! I think I'm going to join :)

  3. Oh I so agree. Too many big goals and I get too overwhelmed.