28 September 2013

Meal Plan & Workout

Hey guys! How's your weekend going so far?
Ours is going pretty good. We are just relaxing and enjoying time together. 
Its raining here so no pumpkin picking for us today. 
I'm a little bummed but this gloomy rainy day is just what we need. 

Anyways, this is what I'm cooking this week. 
Monday: Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers with "fries"
Tuesday: Paleo Taco Salad
Wednesday: Paleo Chicken Nuggets with Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Thursday: Green Chili Turkey Burger with Salad
Friday: Homecoming Football game/ dine out
Saturday: Paleo Chicken Stuffed Pizza with roasted veggies
Sunday: leftovers

Also for the month of October I'm doing a few fitness challenges with some of my favorite girls. Fit four sisters have an amazing blog! Go check them out.
I'm going to do their 48 miles in October. Meaning I will run or walk a total of 48 miles or more by the end of the month. I love this challenge because it helps me stay with my miles I need to get in. 

Also they are doing October 35 for 27. They just want you to move for 35 minutes a day for 27 days of the month. You get one day off a week which is perfect for me! 

This weeks workout plan
Monday: 3 mies
Tuesday BodyPump
Wednesday: 2 miles
Thursday: BodyPump
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2 miles
Sunday: 3 miles/race day

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  1. Thanks for the link. I might seriously think about doing it myself to keep me getting up in the morning to get out there.