12 September 2013


I've seen on some of my favorite blogs they are doing a post where they are telling everyone what they are currently doing, watching, reading and loving. 
So I thought I would do a post on my currently.

Reading: Divergent 

So I'm not a reader, like at all. Never have been but last week I got the urge to start reading a book. I ask my good friend Abby what good book I should read. She told me about this one. I have to tell you I'm only on like Chapter 6 and already LOVE IT. Plus I watched to movie trailer that comes out March 2014 and I can't wait!!! 

Music:  New Backstreet Boys and New 98 Degrees. 
I think I'm really enjoying them because on my runs I can turn into my 13 year old giddy self again. They were my favorite bands back then and I have to say I still love them! 

Drink: Water. I'm trying to drink lots and lots of water, but I still have my cup or two of coffee in the morning! 

Show: Scandal

Ok I just started watching Season 1. And so far I love it! It's really good. I've heard a lot of people rave about how amazing this show is so once I saw it on Netflix I thought I would give it a try. Boy am I not disappointed at all! Its amazing! 


Celebrity Crush:  

Charlie Hunnam! Yes, I know he's going to be in 50 Shady of Grey and no I have not read the books and don't plan on it. But I looooove him in Sons of Anarchy!

Training for:

Winey B!#%H 5k is this weekend. It was pretty hilly last year but was really pretty. Hoping I can beat last years time and get some great pictures! 

Be back tomorrow with High 5 for Friday! 


  1. Charlie Hunnam has finally responded to rumors that he's a favorite to play Mr.Grey's role.
    Fifty Shades

  2. I love this idea, going to steal it! :)

    Have fun and good luck at your race this weekend!