18 September 2013

Body Pump & Food

Yesterday morning I was getting ready to go for a run. Got Olivia fed and ready to leave when I realized it was raining out. I was totally bummed. I had no idea it was raining. 
We need the rain really bad and I could have ran in the rain just no with Miss O. 
And I really didn't want to run on the dredmill. 
So I had to skip my run today. 
Sometime that's just what you have to do. 

And even though I didn't get my run in today I still had BodyPump that evening. 
I really just love this class. 

Its an hour of "me" time plus I'm working out! Score. 
This class is probably my favorite because it helps with my weight lifting. I'm really bad about not doing weights when I'm just working out at the gym. 
I tend to skip this part mainly because I have no idea how have the machines work. 
Another reason I have no idea what to do for what muscles. 
This class is great for that! 
I've done more squats and lunges that I have probably my whole life and I know if I wasn't taking this class I wouldn't be doing this at all! 
I feel like my chest is getting slimmer looking and overall I'm getting stronger. 
I'm lifting heavier than I was when I started and I feel amazing when I leave the class. 

Now about my running. I'm halfway finished with c25k program and I'm going to jump right into the 10k training program. I have a 10k I plan on running in January and I want to be able to run the whole dang thing! 
I'm loving being able to run again. I forgot how much I missed it. It feels good 
Now I just need to considerate on eating and the weight should just start coming off. 

Here's what I ate today! 



I picked up a new read this evening! 

Do you read any health magazines?
Favorite healthy magazine?


  1. i love a new magazine! I want to try body pump!

  2. Great job on the working out :) I am thinking about taking a Total Pump class at my gym but have been too chicken so far :) Maybe soon...maybe ;)

  3. I love Women's Health, too! Started a subscription to it a few months ago, it's my new fav magazine (well, right behind Better Homes and Garden!).

    I'd love to do a BodyPump class, I know the town over has a gym that offers it, might have to look into that after baby!

    WTG on the running! You're making me want to try it again post-baby. :)