19 September 2013

1 Mile Walk

Ahoy, Matey!!! 
 Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!! 

So yesterday I was suppose to run 2 miles but I decided just to walk a mile with Miss O in the stroller. 
I was super tired from not sleeping good the night before and knew I probably wouldn't do good with the 2 miles so I decided just to walk around the park pushing the stroller. 

She loves going on walks. Falls asleep everytime. 

We walked around the park that I used to play at as a child. My mom would go and run the trail and I would play on this rocket ship. You can go all the way up it. I loved playing on it. Can't wait til Miss O can go down it. 

I didn't burn much calories and walked the mile pretty slow. But pushing a stroller is hard work. Especially up those hills. At least I worked out! 

Did you know last night was National Cheeseburger Day!!! 
I know I didn't know there was such a thing. The hubs and I decided to cook up some burgers. 
I didn't want to eat the bun to keep it as close to paleo as I could. Now I know cheese isn't paleo but come on you can't not have cheese on national cheeseburger day!!  

This mornings breakfast was totally paleo! 


  1. You MUST have cheese on your burger for National Cheeseburger Day! :)

    We have a rocket in our hometown park, too! That's on one end of a big system. We always called it the rocket slide, so much fun. My boys love it now, but I tried going up in it and it's a bit rickety for a heavy adult so got down fast! Ha ha!

  2. What has been your favorite paleo dish so far? I'm trying to get back into but feel like I use the same meals over and over again.