26 August 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by way to fast! I feel like every weekend is like that now. 
Friday Ollie and I got to hang out with my bff and her little girl. Miss O and Miss A are only 7 months apart so they are totally bound to be bff's!  
It was so nice to catch up and just hang out. Since we both have babies and families its so hard to get together but we always pick up right where we left off. 
Saturday Miss O slept until 7 and after breakfast the 3 of us headed to the farmer's market. 
The hubs parents sells produce there so its always nice to go and say hi and walk around. 
Here's what they had this week

I really need to try butternut squash! 
Anyone got any good recipes?

Doesn't all that look amazing! 

My in-laws had this crazy squash. Never heard of it! 

Sunday we went grocery shopping and cleaned the house. 
We were going to go for a walk but it was soooo stinkin' hot out. 
Missouri decided to warm back up again and boy is it hot!

Isn't she cute! :)

And this may have slipped in our cart while shopping! 

This week my workout plans are. 
Monday: C25k week 2
Tuesday: Body Pump
Wednesday: C25k Week 2
Thursday: Body Pump
Friday: Rest
Saturday: C25k Week 2 in Springfield

What did you do this weekend?
What are you workout plans this week?

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