12 August 2013

Weekend Fun

This weekend was pretty fun. 
Friday we didn't do much of anything. 
We bbq'd and watched the Kansas City Royals play some baseball... On T.V. Boo I know, I wish we could have gone to the game. 
We can't wait til we can go to another game. 
Oh, also Friday was Miss O's one month! I can't believe we have been home a month already with out prefect little girl! 

She's amazing. I love being a momma. 
Saturday I had a family reunion on my mom's side I went to. 
They have it every year around this time and there's about 60-70 people that show up, half of them I have no idea who they are but some I do. 

 It was kind of a big deal my great grandma got to meet Olivia. We took a ton of pictures and took a 5 generation picture. Last time there was 5 generations in my family was in the 1940s so it was a big deal for everyone.

After the reunion I left Miss O with my mom and dad for her first overnight stay so Chris and I could have our first night out. It was rough for me. I may have cried a little on the drive home but once Chris and I left and headed for the city it was nice to be out again enjoying ourselves. 
We went out to dinner with some friends. Hit up a BBQ place did some shopping then then we got some fro-yo. Ugh I just loooove fro-yo! 
Did I mention we got to sleep in. Which I mean we didn't wake up once until 10:30 Sunday morning. Oops! 
Sunday we went and had lunch then picked up Olivia from my parents. 
Watched some baseball and relaxed. 

What did you do this weekend?
Anyone go to the Farmer's Market?
I missed mine but I plan on going Wednesday! 

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  1. Awwwww presh! She is too cute. I'm so glad you got to show her to your extended family. I bet they were all just smitten with her.