22 August 2013

This Week in a Post

So this week has kind of been crazy and its only Wednesday but I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend. 
We have zero plans this weekend but to relax and hit up the farmers market! 
I had my 6 week doctor appointment this week and every is good to go! I was cleared to do whatever I wanted. Thank goodness. Not working out was driving me crazy I was so ready to get back at it. 
My doctor is an hour away so by the time I was done with it and fed Miss O in the lobby I was starving so I ran to the grocery store to get something off the salad bar. Of course all they have is fat-free ranch so it had to do. It tasted amazing. 
This totally doesn't count as eating out right?! 
Monday: I started C25k (I know I have said this a lot lately)
It was amazing but dang pushing a stroller is hard. 
Wednesday wasn't any easier but it feels amazing to be back at it! 

Tuesday: I started Body Pump. Chris' cousin teaches the class and before I found out I was prego I started her class and LOVED it! If you have never heard of it its basically a choreographed weight lifting class. I love it because I always go to the gym ready to left weights and have NO IDEA what I need to be doing to work what muscles. This class has taught me a lot and boy did it hurt so good! 

Got me a cute new outfit to wear. Not wearing the top again for a while, boobs wouldn't stay in.

After Body Pump I was really tired but I felt amazing afterwards. 
Today I'm pretty sore and I have class tonight. Hoping I can walk tomorrow! :) 
(Wearing my Brady Band! You NEED to order you some. It didn't move the whole time I was in class)

Someone turned 6 weeks old Tuesday! 
She's getting so big. I'll do a post on her soon. 

And because I couldn't quit laughing at this licence plate. Its personalized. I'm probably the only one to find it hilarious but I couldn't help it I laughed for like 20 minutes just wondering what the reason was. 
P.S. I know my windshield is covered in dead bugs, sorry. 

Thanks for everyone who entered my giveaway. 
Congrats to Angela V!!! You're going to love them! 

Also, Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!!


  1. 6 weeks out, that's huge! And it's gone super fast! I always felt like at 6 weeks I was comfortable w/ the baby, we had each other figured out and it was smooth sailing.

    Yay for body pump! You look thin in your new outfit, too bad the boobies wouldn't stay in! Ha ha!!! That cracked me up. I am busting out of all of my bras, trying to find some online b/c they don't sell 'G' in a regular store around here. But I hate buying bras online b/c I am picky about fit. Guess I'll just have to send it back if it doesn't fit right. Grr, hate that!

  2. I have the same pink Polar! I love it. Thanks again for the Brady Band giveaway! I can't wait to get mine. :)