06 August 2013

New Favorite Workout Gear

It was tax free weekend this past weekend and after getting Olivia's pictures taken my mom, Olivia and I went on a shopping adventure. 
Really, there were just a few things I wanted to get and I knew Chris needed some new work pants so off  to the mall we went. Let me tell you, saving money on no tax is nice but holy cow talk about a busy mall! 
We went to Old Navy to look at there workout clothing. Can I just tell you I really love there workout clothes! 
I mean they are cheap but good quality and they are comfortable. Did I mention they are good on the wallet?
 I knew I wanted a few new things for when Body Pump starts because I swear I sweat worse than a man. I needed something cool and not clingy. I don't want this spare tire showing! They had just what I was looking for! 
So, I'm totally going to share with you some items I bought and a few items I plan on getting for this fall/winter months. If you are looking for some cute, trendy and inexpensive workout gear you really need to check them out. But then again you probably already know it's a great place to shop!  

I love each of these tanks, mostly because they flow away from my tummy and they are super comfy! 
(Left to Right)

Love both these long sleeve jackets. Mostly because of the thumb wholes! 
(Left to Right)

I bought the pants in the middle but totally plan on buying both of these other pairs for this fall/winter.
(Left to Right)

Where's your favorite place to get workout clothes?

Pictures from Old Navy

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  1. Wow, I am also very obsessed with this work out gear. Each and every pair is superb. The vibrant colors are tempting me towards them. I have also joined yoga classes and I will also buy one of these pairs for my yoga. Thanks for sharing inspirations.