27 August 2013

C25k: Week 1 Recap

Well last Monday was the first week of my c25k and it felt amazing to start running again. 
I started out running with Olivia in the stroller but then I ended up running alone just because I needed that alone time for myself. 
It was hard at first but it was just nice to be able to get some alone time. 
Running helps me clear my mind. I hear a lot of people do it for this reason. 
The first time I started running last January I was really doing it because I knew it would be a easy way for me to lose weight. Then after a while I really started to love it and it really became a place where I could just escape and relax. 

(After my run last night, with NO makeup!)

So, last week it started out rough, I haven't ran since October at my last race
Then I found out I was prego and my doctor told me I probably shouldn't run. Then I was sick the whole 9 months that I really didn't have energy to even walk a mile let alone run! 
So needless to say I stated out slooooow last week. By Saturday I was found my rhythm again and it felt amazing. I was really hoping I could run more than I could. You know, I wanted to hop right back into where I left off last October, but that didn't happen. I was frustrated but I knew it would take time.  Saturday I was back to my mile time that I started when I first started C25k last January. I wanted to be faster but I started to get tired so I backed off a little so I could finish each running segment. 

(My view)

(The church we got married in. I run by it everytime)

The week ended good and I feel great about this week. 
The hot weather is back here in Missouri so I have to run either at night or in the am. I waited and run last night and it was amazing. I forget how much running means to me. 
Also, Chris and I have a 5k coming up on September 7th. My goal is just to finish it under an hour. Which I'm pretty sure I can. 

Got any races coming up?
What are your fitness plans for today?

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  1. yay for you!!! I wish I could have felt like I loved running, I wanted to so bad. Who knows, maybe after this baby I will give it a go again.