19 August 2013

C25k: Day 1

Well today I did my first day of couch to 5k. 
I pushed a stroller during the whole 30 minutes and it was HARD. 
Not only was it hard because I haven't done any kind of running for 9 months it was hard pushing a 20 pound stroller. 
The minute I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted jogging stroller, thinking it would make things a lot easier. Plus a great friend told me to get a jogging stroller if I wanted to keep running. 
Well today after getting done with my first day back out I asked if it got easier and a few friends told me it gets easier pushing the stroller. And when you run a race and aren't pushing the stroller you run waaay faster than your used to which makes me excited. 
Here's what I will be doing this week.
Monday: c25k 60 seconds jogging, 90 minutes walking  10x. 5 minutes warm up and cool down
Tuesday: Body Pump
Wednesday: c25k 60 secounds jogging, 90 minutes walking 10x. 5 minutes warm up and cool down
Thursday: Body Pump
Friday: Rest
Saturday: c25k 60 seconds jogging, 90 minutes walking 10x. 5 minute warm up and cool down. 
Sunday: Rest 
What plans do you have for this week?

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  1. Im 8 weeks post C-Section of kid #2 and started C25K 4 days ago, it was&is a challenge for sure, but I have my first ever 5K coming up in November in Tokyo and I am determined to finish C25K and get my times down in these 15weeks. I haven't been able to use my double jogger and wont get to until my daughter is about 6 months old but I can only imagine how tough its going to be to push a 35lb toddler and my 6 month old! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. I hope you enjoy getting back into the swing of things. I wanted a running stroller but I we got a normal one. Without sounding super mommish, please be safe with your workouts bc prolapse is a nasty lil booger. You can read about my experience with it here if you've never heard of it before. I hadn't until after I had my daughter.


  3. That's actually exactly my plans this week too.... except last night my 4 month old cried while we tried to do couch to 5K so I had to turn around. Body pump is hard! but good!