14 August 2013

30 Day Challenge

Sunday the hubs and I went out for lunch and then headed to the grocery store after picking Miss O up from my parents. Walking through the grocery getting all the things we need for the week got me thinking. 

We also buy waaay to much food and end up throwing some of it out because it goes bad before we use it.
Mainly we because we just end up eating out.  
While I was pregnant it seemed like eating out was the only was I could get myself to keep food down. I know it sounds crazy but the thought of cooking meat made me sick and Chris knows how to cook about 3 things so we ate out a lot during those 9 months. 
It was easy and I didn't have to worry about throwing up the whole time I was cooking some kind of meat. 

Well after having Ollie I started cooking at home again. Like the night we got home from the hospital, I went and got some food to cook. One, because I know my hubs was dying for a nice home cooked meal and I won't lie I was pretty excited to start cooking again. 

So Sunday the hubs and I decided to give ourselves a little challenge. No eating out for 30 days! 
Eating out has just be my thing since I moved away for college. It was easy and cheap. I could have fixed cheaper meals at home probably but I liked the food just not the pounds. Plus it was a way to hang with friends. 

So Monday kicked off our 30 day challenge. I'm pretty excited about it! I know we will be great as a team on this. Plus this just means I get to learn more recipes to share with everyone which I love. 
So wish us luck! We might need it! :)  

What do challenges do you give yourself and family?


  1. We tried that challenge and failed. :( Need to try it again. Our current challenge is to keep our monthly credit card bill (we put everything on there and pay it off each month instead of using our debit cards. Bonus is the rewards cash we get back from doing this.) under a certain amt and then putting an extra $500 into savings b/c of that. Our bill comes in a week, hope we made it!

  2. Believe it or not, not being able to cook meat is a very common aversion in pregnancy. You want weird, I couldn't (and still can't now) listen to the song Chicken fried, by the Zack Brown Band. Makes me nauseous just thinking about it.

    Good luck though, I'd have to start with a week or two and then go from there.