29 July 2013

Running Again Soon...

I'm so happy I will be able to start running again in 3 weeks! My 6 week check up couldn't come soon enough. I'm ready to run and start racing again. I've missed it so much! 
I quit running while pregnant because my doctor suggested I should since I hadn't been running that long. I kept walking on my good days when I wasn't stuck in the bathroom puking my guts out. Walking is totally boring compared to running to me. I over think about life to much or just get bored. 
Running for me is somewhere to escape and clear my mind. Not worry about anything. Also, I feel so accomplished when I run.
Now, since I haven't ran since last November I'm started the Couch to 5k program over again because I know I won't be able to just start running my 3 miles again. Although, I know I'll try my hardest to see how long I can last I'm excited to start the program again. I loved it the last time I started running. It helped me a lot with working up to 3 miles. Here is the program I used. 
After I finish the 5k program I plan on training for a 10k.   
I have plans to walk/run in my first race since last year in September. I know I won't be up to running 3 miles by then but I'm excited for the race.
 I did my last race about 3 weeks before I found out I was pregnant and haven't done one since then and I'm soooo ready to race again. I missed out on so many amazing races I wanted to do this summer and can't wait to sign up for more races! 
Here's some of the races I plan on doing the rest of this year! 
Upcoming Races
September 14- Winey B!#%h 5k 
October 6- Pink Laundry 5k
October 26- Halloween Hustle 5k 
November 3- Overrun Ovarian 5k
November 17- Mustache Dash 5k (Springfield MO) 
Any races your looking forward to this fall?

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  1. Oh wow! I can't believe that 9months plus have flown by. Aww, your baby is presh! I hope that your transition back into the fitness world is smooth and enjoyable.

  2. Awesome!! Happy u r blogging again!

  3. Awesome!! Happy u r blogging again!