02 April 2013

27 Weeks

I know I say this every week but holy cow I can't believe I'm already 27 weeks! 
Its crazy how fast 9 months really flies by! 
I thought for sure this 9 months was going to take forever! 
Nope, but really it could slow down for me. :)
I mean I'm more than ready to meet her but we still have a ton to do! 

I really feel like I woke up one morning and BAM "the bump" came out! 
I'm excited to look prego and not like I just ate to much so there's a plus. 
But now trying to find something to wear is kind of a nightmare! 

Oh, and in the last week or two I want to eat EVERYTHING! 
Its like I can't eat enough at one meal and I'm always starving throughout the day! 
Favorite thing to eat right now is a baked potato! 

Weight gain: 10 pounds
Baby Size: the size of a head of lettuce!!
Belly button: still in but I think it might pop out in a week or so! 
Baby Movement: Moving more and more throughout the day! Loves to roll around when I'm laying on my side. 


  1. You look great! Trust me in about 5 weeks the days will feel like they are dragging, but by the end of the week you wonder where the time went!

  2. You're looking beautiful and glowing!!!

  3. 27 weeks! How exciting!! Enjoy the last weeks together, anticipating her arrival!! I loved those last few weeks, they seemed so full of excitement!

  4. 27 weeks is exciting!! It does really seem to fly by...until that last month. Those 4 weeks seem like they are the whole 9 months! - not to dishearten you, but to prepare you to fill it up or whatever to try to help it feel like it flies by!! :)

  5. Awwwwww!!!!! Woohoo, you are getting close!!!

  6. so adorable, girl!


  7. You're glowing!