05 March 2013

Spring Wear: Maternity

Ok, so its totally official... 
I can no longer wear my regular clothes. I mean I can squeeze into them but my jeans are no long comfy 
and my tops are getting shorter with the belly getting bigger. 
I feel myself always tugging on them to make sure nothing is hanging out. 
I haven't really wanted to buy maternity clothing because I know I only have 5 months left and to waste money on it just seems silly to me until I realized my fat butt needs some clothes because this baby really is growing and growing fast! 
So what better place to shop for some CUTE and fun maternity clothing than Target! 
I mean I love this place for regular everyday clothing. They always have the cutest stuff no matter what season it is and not to mention its totally reasonable priced, which I love since we're on budget right now. :)
I'm all for shopping online since the closest Target is an hour away. 
Yes, I live in the boon docks. At least we have a Wal-Mart. 
Anyways, so I found a few cute dresses and tops that I really can't wait to purchase. 
I'm in love with wearing dresses all the time plus I think prego woman look so cute wearing dresses. 
Hoping I can pull off that cuteness! 
Plus I have some readers that are prego too so those ladies that are expecting this summer should totally check out the Maternity line @ Target! 



  1. Wow, they sure do have really cute maternity clothese! I think I love well honestly all of them. I guess this means shopping time. = ) I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. I Love all of these! I could totally see you in the mint one :)