13 March 2013

"So What" Wednesday

So I know I haven't blogged in three days so I thought I would blog today.. 
Hopefully tomorrow I will do my 24 week baby update.
Need to remember to take a picture. 
I'm getting really bad about forgetting to take belly pics.
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So What Wednesday
This week's "so what"
·         All I’ve been thinking about is food this week.
·         I have folded laundry I need to put away. It’s going on day 3 now.
·         I take a nap almost every day. Growing a baby is hard work.
·         I changed my mind on Olivia’s bedding after ordering the first set. Had to stop the order. :)
·         I’m so over winter. I just want sunshine and weather above 40 degrees
·         I look at baby girl clothes all the time.
·         I still have no idea on a middle name. Hubs doesn’t really care.
·         I go to Wal-Mart every day just to walk around. Remember is 35 degrees here and I don’t do treadmills.
·         I sleep in until 9 a.m. I’m not sleeping well at night. I thought it was because the hubs was taking up to much room but really it’s because I pee a lot and I can’t sleep on my tummy.

What's your "so what" this week?


  1. My so what, is so what I have a half marathon on the 24th and I don't care how fast I do it in. Don't stress about the belly pics, I tried to get one every two weeks and that was it. How about the name Aurora? I love that name, if mine would have been a girl she would have been Jude Aurora, but I had a boy instead :)

  2. I'm so ready for spring too. Yes we want to see belly pics and I can't wait to hear the middle name for Olivia!!

  3. Ugh, not sleeping on my stomach is like torture!!! Luckily the end result of all the pain and suffering is a sweet little angel baby girl! So excited for you!

    My Gma and Aunt go to WalMart every morning during the winter to walk laps!!! Funny you do,too. :) You'll be so happy you walked when you hit the last trimester and delivery!

    1. P.S. Have you always had that crazy robot catcher attached to your comment form?? I hate that damn thing, I can never guess the letters on my first try! :)