15 March 2013

Google Reader/Bloglovin

So I'm sure most of you have heard but in case you haven't Google Reader is shutting down July 1. 
I'm a little sad because I read all my blog through Google Reader but I'm very excited to start reading them all through Bloglovin. 
Which brings me to my next point. If you are a Google Reader now make sure you switch everything over to Bloglovin
Its super easy. 
If you go to the website there are instructions on how to transfer your blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin. 
I used Bloglovin today to see what it was going to be like and have to say I love it! I will miss Google but I think Bloglovin is going to be just as good! 
Can I say Google Reader or Bloglovin anymore in one freaking post! Gesh! 
Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Been following you via bloglovin from the beginning. Glad you're already on my list on here. Have a great weekend!