06 March 2013

And Her Name Is...

Well ladies I told you I would share our baby girls name with you this week. 
Totally didn't do it yesterday so I'm doing it today.. 

Her name is....

I've been in love with this name since I was probably 16. I loved other girl names but they were all taking my Chris' family so I knew once we got prego that this would be our girls name is we were having a girl. 
He seemed to not care about the girls name very much. Maybe because he knew I wouldn't give up naming a little girl Olivia. 

Its not a name you hear very often and its kind of an old name which I think is why I fell in love with it. 
We have no idea on a middle name yet. We've gone back and fourth on a few but thank goodness we still have 17 weeks to make a decision. The middle name just isn't coming to me like I want it to. 
I knew the moment the doctor said "Its a girl" her name would be Olivia and we would probably call her Liv or Livie. 

Well there you have it our baby girls name. :) 
P.S. Those color are part of her nursery theme! 


  1. I love it. We almost named our youngest Olivia Anne.

  2. Loooove the colors, and the name (our sons name is Oliver!)!!!!! So exciting for you guys!


  3. Beautiful name! It is one I have always loved.

  4. So beautiful! I've had a few family members and friends name their daughters Olivia over the last few years and they call her Livie. So pretty!