14 March 2013

24 weeks

Yesterday, I had my Doctors appointment.
The elevator was broke so we had to go up the stairs two levels. 
I thought for sure I could handle it.
Boy, oh boy was I wrong... 
Really thought I was dying when I reached the top! 
Coming down the stairs was easy peasy! 
I felt bad for the ladies that were in labor and had to go up 3 levels! 
Although, maybe it helped with their labor, but still felt awful! 

Everything is going great with Baby Olivia, she's moving around so much these days its crazy! 
I remember friends telling me how amazing it is but now I truly know how amazing it is to feel a baby move. Its the move amazing feeling in the world! 

Weight gain: 8 pounds total. Thank gosh it wasn't move than that I ate so much over those freaking snow days.
Baby Size: Large Mango.. Although, last week it said spaghetti squash which I thought for sure was bigger than a mango.. Maybe I'm wrong. 
Belly button: still innie :)
Movement: All the time but moves mostly when I'm eating, I think she's going to love food just like me :)

Also the doctor said I'm measuring at 25 weeks, so that's a week ahead of scheduled but I'm not getting my hopes up. I mean I was like 12 days late and I'm pretty sure Chris was like 10 days late so I'm thinking I might just be having a big baby. Which wouldn't surprise me I think the hubs was close to 10 pounds! 

Also here's two picture to compare too. 
I didn't think I was getting big or really showing at all.
 I mean I thought I was just looking a little fat. 
Holy cow these are only 4 weeks apart and I look so much bigger in the picture in the right! 
Maybe its just my eyes though... 

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!


  1. Awww, love these pics. :)

    Glad she's moving a lot, it's a neat feeling.

  2. You are so cute! 8 lbs, that is great and you look great...and so happy. So happy for you!