25 February 2013

Weekend Update

Our weekend was a nice LONG 4 day weekend. 
Since having 2 snow days (perks of working for my parents and hubs being a teacher) 
we relaxed. 
Also I'm linking up with Sami for the first time about my weekend shenanigans 
Actually just found her blog and I think you need to check her out too. 
Thursday night started our weekend since we knew neither of us would be going to work the next day. 
I did a lot of nothing. Watched a lot of TV and felt like I was eating something every 20 minutes. 
I just hate days where I know I HAVE to be stuck in my house. Then other days all I want to do is be stuck in my house. Makes sense huh?! 
Also I watched a movie in bed. 
The Lucky One. 

Yes, you guessed you the Nicholas Sparks movie that came out last year. I read the book and fell in love with the story. I'm a total lover of Nicholas Spark books. Yep, that's right I love me a GOOD love story. 
Probably the only kind of books I read, when I read that is. 
Anyways, back to the movie. It was good I loved it and I cried like a lot. 
I want to say it was just the hormones but I was a crier during movies before getting knocked up so I'm pretty sure it was normal. 
And can I just add that HOLY COW, Zac Efron is a total hottie in this movie! 
That might be the hormones talking and it might not be. :) 

Friday I was DYING to get out of the house, like really all I could think about was if I could just go to Wal-Mart and walk around, just do something. I thought I was going to lose it. 
I may have said something to the hubs about being bored and he was all for going to town to grab some lunch. I quickly got dressed washed out my eyes and brushed me teeth. I was ready in about 10 minutes. 
We went to town and did some running around. I asked to go everywhere because I knew I would be bored again at home in about 10 minutes of being there. 
Well sure enough after being back home for an hour I told the hubs I was bored and he said we should go to  the movies. 
We went and saw Identity Thief. 
I mean I love Melissa McCarthy and I love Jason Bateman so I knew I was just going to love this movie. 
It was probably the funniest movie I've seen this year. 
Ok, its only February so funniest movies I've seen in 6 months! I loved it! Can't wait to watch it again! 

Saturday I woke up and felt the need to go shopping. Mainly because my mom wanted me to get a few things for her and I hadn't been shopping since we found out we're having a girl! And the roads were in prefect shape! Also, I talked the hubs into letting us register for our baby shower! We went to Babies R Us and this store was HUGE with everything that we need/want for the shower. It was so fun! I mean I had fun, the hubs not so much. :)

Sunday I was a little lazy since running around yesterday wore me out. I just watched some TV and did some laundry. Boring lazy day :)

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  1. Snow days, lucky you! I love both of those movies. I'm dying to see Safe Haven now!