26 February 2013

The Oscars...

Ok I've tried posting to blog post about 3 times now but because of all the snow we got, the power was out for about 4 hours. 
 But its on now so I can finally get this post done! 

So I love the award season. I usually watch E! Red Carpet for all the awards because I love the fashion so much! 
Sunday night as all of you know was The Academy Awards. 
This is probably my favorite award show. It's just so amazing! I love to see my favorite actress/actors all dressed up. I feel like the actress really go all out for this award night. 

I didn't get the watch the red carpet arrivals or most of the show because I went out to dinner with family to celebrate my little cousins BIG 16th birthday! It was so fun, way more fun than setting at home watching TV but I won't lie the minute I could get on E! Online to look at everyone arrival outfits I totally did! 
So I thought I would share with you some of my FAVORITES and some that aren't, well aren't so pretty!


Jennifer Lawrence by far was my favorite/best dressed! She's just sooo beautiful in this. 
I felt so bad for her failing but at least she laughed it off! 

George always looks sharp and Stacy has the perfect body and looks STUNNING in this dress!

These are my top 3 ladies. 
I love Reese and thinks she really did a great job with her hair and love love love the dress! 
Charlize Theron looks so amazing in this white dress. Ugh I just love it on her!!! 
Jessica Chastain looks amazing in this dress. It looks so good with her red hair. 

And who doesn't love Channing with his BEAUTIFUL prego wife! 

Not so Pretty

Helen's dress was just to wrinkled for me. Feel like she didn't get it steamed or anything before taking it out of the bag and putting it on. 

Ok so Bradly looks amazing, mainly because I think he's good looking but I can't handle the white feather coming out of his mom's shoulders. 
Maybe its just me but its not my favorite....

What were your favorite looks?



  1. On Bradley coopers mom take a look at the tennis shoes. For a man with that kind of money, you'd think he'd spoil her with a stylist for the day. My mom and I couldn't stop staring at that train wreck lol!

  2. I loved JLaw, Carlise and Jessica too! I can't believe how wrinkled Helen's dress was.