21 February 2013

Random Thursday

Well today its a SNOW DAY!! 
If you haven't heard the Midwest its getting hit with a shit-ton of snow today and will keep pouring down until early tomorrow morning. 
My town is suppose to get around 9-11 inches which I know is a TON of snow but at the same time I feel like everyone goes crazy around here when it snows. 
This happens every year, its like people forget what its like out when it snows so they just all go crazy. 

The hubs sent me to the store yesterday while he was working. I got there around 2 and only needed a handful of things to get a through in case we are stuck in the house for three days. I was there for a FREAKING HOUR! Everyone under the sun was there getting food/water and other things like they wouldn't be able to leave their house for another month. I know I might be really calm about this blizzard that is happening right now but its the Midwest people! :) 
I've only ever seen all the registers open on Black Friday so this blizzard is a huge deal. Spend 25 minutes trying to check out..

Baby Update: 
I feel her moving all the time. More at night when I'm laying in bed ready to go to sleep. She has her nights and days mixed up. Hoping that all changed when she gets here. 
I may have been doing a little shopping for this little girl. 
I've bought a few winter and spring things for next winter and spring. 
I know not to buy anything 0-3 months because that's all I will probably get at my shower. 
I finally found the "theme" I want to go with her for room. 
I'll do a post on that later. 
Also we have a name picked out. No middle name yet but a first name. 
I'll do a post on that later too. 
Hoping you guys aren't getting tired of hearing about baby things.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday! 
We are stuck inside all day hoping Truman doesn't poop on the kitchen floor. 
He HATES the snow! 


  1. No freaking kidding, people are total pansy-asses when it snows! This isn't the 70's anymore, the electricity does not automatically go out when a light breeze comes through, we WILL be able to get out a few hours after the snow stops, we will NOT freeze to death, we will NOT go hungry! Sheesh, people get all freaked out over nothing! And don't even get me started on people 'driving' in this stuff, duh!!!

    Oh, and they are letting school out early and yet there is no snow flying yet. What??

    Of course we're not getting sick of hearing about Baby Girl!!! Can I get a sneak peek of the name and theme?? :) I'm happy you can feel her moving so much, it's an amazing feeling. I used to get a secret smile when I'd feel my babies move b/c no one else knew what was going on, it was 'our' time. Loved it! Can't wait to feel it again. :)

  2. I stopped at the store last night too for a couple things and was completely amazed at how busy it was. It amazes me how people lose their minds when a storm hits like they are going to be trapped in their homes for days on end.

    Can't wait to hear about the name you've picked out!

  3. Snow day, how fun! I can't wait to hear your new blog name and the baby name. = )

  4. Aww, how sweet!


  5. Can't wait to hear the sweet girl's name!