11 February 2013

Gift Ideas for the Hubs

So Valentine's Day is this week and I still haven't got my hubs a gift yet...
We don't go all out for this holiday, mainly because we've been together since we were 13 so its just another day for us but we still like to go out to dinner and get something small for each other. 
The hubs is pretty easy to buy for this year because there's only one thing he asked for. 
He wants tickets to attend the Plant Comic Con in Kansas City this year. 
Yes, my husband is a totally geek but that's why I love him. 
He love comics which is probably why he started a comic book review blog. 
Check it out here or at least tell you husbands if they like reading them too! 

Usually I get him a t-shirt of a favorite sports team or a movie so
I thought I would go ahead and share with you ideas that I could get the hubs even though I know what I'm getting him. 

Hoping he gets me a 30 minutes prenatal massage that I've been hinting around like crazy lately! :)
What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Getting the hubs anything special?


  1. Just finally bought my hubby's gift this morning. He told me to seriously not buy him anything so I only spent $15 and got him something that is something that he would actually want. A cooler for the gold cart. : )

  2. How sweet that you guys have been together so long! Congrats :)

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