13 February 2013

Gender Prediction Poll

I know a lot of people right when they find out they are pregnant they start doing all those wives tales to try and predict what they are having. 
Well the hubs and I didn't do a single wives tale test. 
Is it wives tale or wise tale, I'll never get this right.

I also have friends that just "knew" what they were having. 
My bff Kendra, to me got really lucky or she really did have a feeling. 
The moment she found out she was prego she started picking out girl things, even bought a few girl outfits months before she knew what she was having. I remember thinking oh god if she's having a boy she's going to be so crushed. Well guys she had a girl and knew it all along. 
Me, well I have no idea what I'm feeling. Some days I really feel like its a boy then other days I feel like its a girl but most of the time I have no clue. 
I feel like I have a "sign" every time I go shopping I'm always heading to the baby section just to look, and all I want do it look at the boys clothes. I mean I don't even look at anything girl which I think could be a "sign" or me just being crazy. Ha who knows
 I really don't care what we are having and I know the hubs would be happy with either or but I know he really wants a boy.
Either way we will be really happy with whatever it turns into tomorrow! 
So I thought I would do a little post where all my ladies vote to see if they can guess what I'm having!
I know you have a 50/50 chance and I know people love to guess the sex of babies. 
Our families have been doing it the moment they found out I was preggers. 
Here's a little information I gathered on the wives tale (or wise whatever it is) yesterday. 
Chinese Prediction chart: Boy 
Heartrate: Girl
Cravings: Boy
Morning sickness: Girl

See why I have no idea now! 
So in the comments below let's see your guesses! 


  1. I say it is a boy, because well, it's "boy season" around here :) haha if that makes ANY sense at all.. Everybody I know has been having girls March-June then everybody I know having babies July-Sept are boys right now.. Sooo my long drawn out answer is: BOY

    p.s. boys are SOOO much fun :)

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  3. Aghhhhh!!!!! Just yesterday I told you I thought girl, but now I think Boy! Hahah :)
    Fun story....
    When I was pregnant, I had a dream WAY early on that it was a boy. So I thought boy for a little while.
    But then I thought girl cos I think that's just what I thought I wanted.
    About a week before my ultrasound, I was so confused but leaning more towards boy.
    My husband and I decided that the day of our ultrasound to find out the gender, we had to wear a blue or pink shirt depending on what we thought it was.
    Despite my recent waivering, I put on my pink shirt and continued getting ready.
    But something didn't feel right!! I just didn't feel my pink shirt was right.
    So I changed into a blue shirt and I now love loving on our sweet boy!! :)
    I guess there can be that "mother'sday intuition!!

  4. I'm going to say boy because I know you are craving wings! So do you know by now? I found out yesterday what I'm having. It will be on the blog this week! :) SOOOOO excited for you. All that matters is a healthy babay!