18 February 2013

Baby W is.....

So I know everyone that doesn't follow me on instagram (@keyweve) is dying to know what Baby W is... 
Well Chris and I are happy to say we are having a... 
Wednesday we had our doctor appointment and sonogram. We went back for our sonogram first and we were both oh so excited to finally find out what we're having. 
Little did we know she didn't want to quite let us know what she was. Her legs were crossed and she was sleeping. We went on to see the Doctor and I drank 2 cups of ice cold water to wake her up. Finally, after seeing the doc we went back to find out what Baby W is going to be. 
The sonogram lady told me no matter what she would find out what we were having because I told her we were having a party. 
Well after 2 cups of ice cold water and with eating the ice her legs were wide open and ready for us to find out she's a girl! We were so so excited. 
Chris I think was a little worried because he has no idea what to do with a little girl but I know he's going to be a great daddy and this little bundle of joy with be the light of his eye and probably be a Daddy's Girl! 
Saturday we had our gender reveal party with family and close friends. There were about 25 people that showed up and it felt amazing to know that all our friends and family are just as excited as we are to be having a baby. 
We ate some fro-yo and then finally decided to open the box of balloons because everyone was DYING to know what we're having. 
We had every vote and the majority thought we were having a boy... Boy, were they wrong! 
I'm sooo glad we ended up doing a gender reveal party it was so much easier to tell everyone at once plus is a great excuse to have a party! 

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Congratulations!


  2. Congratulations! So excited for you!

  3. Congratulations Keyona! Pink is so exciting!!!

  4. Congrats!!! Yay for someone else having a little girl! So excited for you both!

  5. Awww, yay!!! You are SO DANG LUCKY to get to pick out all of those pink and purple clothes! Did you go shoppng after like you thought you might?? So now what are you going to do for the nursery theme?? :) yay, So excited!

  6. Yay, I'm so happy. I was hoping it was a girl!!!! : ) Congraultions!!!!! Lots of pretty little dresses to buy!!

  7. I just knew it was a girl for some reason! Hope you had a great time with the ones you love and you looked SUPER cute!