12 February 2013

20 Weeks

I can't believe I'm already 20 weeks preggers! I really thought this pregnancy would take forever but its going by really fast which I love but then again I know we aren't ready and have a TON to do before July. 
Well really I would love to have everything ready by June in case I go early even though I know I probably won't but I can be wishful can't I? :) 
So I thought I would update you on this pregnancy. Everything is going wonderful! 
I can feel the baby kick and move which feels amazing but I'm so ready for Chris to be able to feel it too. 
We find out what we are having Wednesday and CAN NOT WAIT! 
I will do a post next week after our gender reveal party and let everyone know what we are having. 
We really don't care what it is as long as its healthy but I'm so excited to find out and see the baby. 

Weight gain: 3 pounds total
Clothes: Maternity jeans and dresses. Still in my regular tops
Overall feeling: GREAT compared to my 1st trimester :)
Belly button: in still, hope it stays that way! 

Now for some pictures... 
18 weeks bump... Not sure it looks like a baby bump or more like I just ate to much! 

Going out with friends last weekend in Springfield. I actually felt cute! 

Sent this picture to the hubs the other day and he now wants our baby, 
boy or girl, to take this exact picture in this outfit... 

Oh AND on the name news! Thought of a new name for the blog! I'll let you know soon and when everything will change but I'm so excited!! 
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!! 


  1. You look great! Congrats on the low weight gain!

  2. You look so, so beautiful! You've only gained 3 lbs - wow, that is incredible. You should be so proud of yourself. I love that blouse. = ) I feel like I have got to get dressed up and curl my hair now everyday because you're preggers and still take the time to do it and look great! That last pic is hilarious lol! Yay, can't wait to hear your new name!!!! = )

  3. 3 pounds is excellent! Good job!
    And my guess is girl!!

  4. Congrats on only 3 lbs. That's awesome.

  5. Ahh, you look so darn cute! That top is so pretty, and so are you! Have fun at your US tomorrow! Can you sneak me the results?? :) Ha ha!