17 January 2013

Random Things Thursday

There's a few things I'm going to talk about today... 

Yesterday was my 16 weeks appointment. Everything looks great and sounds amazing! 
I just love hearing the baby's heartbeat. 
My mother-in-law went with me this time. It's so hard for my hubs to ask off of school plus he gets the joy this summer of taking me once a week! 
Sometimes I wonder why in the heck I choose to go an hour away! 
I really love this hospital though :) the drive just sucks. 
After my appointment we went shopping of course! 
I finally got to head to Target. I haven't been there in forever! I love there clearance racks!! 
And OH MY GOODNESS do they have some cute baby clothes for so cheap! I mean I got the most adorable Kansas City Chiefs Jersey! I mean really we are New England Pats fans but since the jersey was only 9 bucks I bought it! 

Isn't this just so cute! Ahh I die! 

Name change. 
Ok so I've been thinking about changing my blog name. 
I mean I like my blog name and everything but I feel like it only lets me talk fitness and food. Which don't get my wrong I LOVE but I think there's so many more things I was to talk about. More girly things. 
I said something to the hubs and he was like talk about whatever you want. 
Which I know I can its my blog but I still feel like there will be a lot more talk about babies and home things now. I mean I still plan on doing recipes and talking about my races. 
So I just don't know. 
Please help a sista out and give me your opinion. 
Would you still read my blog if I changed the name? 

Also I need to tell you about my new favorite blog I love reading! 
She's all about fashion and fitness so what girl isn't going to love her! 
She has some GREAT style too!! 
Also, I would like to say she's become a new friend! 
I just love the blogging world and meeting new friends!! 
AND she did a giveaway last week and I WON! 
I won some pretty new nail polish! 
I haven't got it in the mail yet but I'm sure I will love it! 
You really need to go and check out Laura @
Walking in Memphin in High Heels

Also tomorrow I will be announcing  the winner of my giveaway!  
You can still enter today here.
Today's your last day! 
And since I'm feeling very nice I MIGHT choose two winners instead of one! 

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone! 


  1. Congrats on the baby girl that's fantastic!!

  2. LOVE the chiefs my six year old has the same jersey and it is about as CUTE as you imagine!!! Yay for babies!

  3. Thank you for the shout out, so sweet! I love the jersey and just love baby clothes!! That is so exciting!!!! I have to restrain myself from buying baby clothes every time I go shopping since I don't have any kids lol. I would ABSOLUTELY still read your blog even if you changed the name. = ) I understand what you mean. You ought to do a post getting suggestions for new names. That would be fun! Have a great day!

  4. Hey Girl - I would totally read your blog if you changed the name, you just have to let us know :) I wold love to read about your races - Im on week 1 of Couch to 5K but I have been looking at races near me - one of my resolutions was to sign up for a 5K race by Feb 1 - I found one I want to do in March - now I just have to have the balls to do it :/ yikes :)