10 January 2013

Races + Superbowl Linkup

So one of my goals for 2013 is to keep up with my racing even while preggers! 
Well I've been trying to find some races I wanna do and there's just SO MANY! 
I love doing them! Mainly, because the running atmosphere is just so acceptable no matter shape, size or even if your just a walker. 
People are here are just so kind when your doing a race and that's what I love. Plus, I love being able to show off to you guys that I've done ANOTHER race. 
Also there's nothing more exciting for me that crossing a finish line knowing that I finished something even if I come in DEAD last! I know that I'm still lapping everyone on that couch PLUS I'm pregnant! 
So I thought I would share with you some of the races I plan on doing in 2013. 
Most of them will be in the Kansas City area so if you live near and want to meet up just let me know! 
I might be kind of slow but I'd love to meet some of me readers! 
Now there are more races I want to do after the little one is here but I'll post those later! 
These are just what I have in mind for now! :) 

And now for my link-up! 

I'm linking up with Amy from The Story of Us  on my favorite Super Bowl foods! I love all snack foods for things like this! I mean really I just love food. Which is how I got the way I am. I mean I didn't get hefty just by not eating. You can say I LOVE all foods but my FAVORITE food for the super bowl is WINGS! 
I mean really all I crave right now is wings but I love love love some good boneless, mild chicken wings for the game! 

I mean come on, don't those look AMAZING!!!

Super Bowl Sunday is probably the only football game I look forward too. Probably because the season lasts so long and I'm more of a baseball gal! 
Make sure to check out Amy's blog and link-up! 


  1. Good for you! So proud of you for still looking into racing even while pregnant. A great way to have a healthy pregnancy. You are an inspiration!

  2. Good for you for keeping up the running and any buffalo wing without the bones is a friend of mine;)

  3. My mouth actually started watering when I saw those wings -- Baby likes wings! :)

    I'm so impressed that you're going to keep running! I am too scared to try it, I'm worried about the jostling it'll do to the baby. Silly, I know. But I am so glad you're going to keep with it and do some actual races!

  4. Wow, races while pregnant. I am so inspired!