23 January 2013

Is Winter Over Yet?!

Is anyone else ready for winter to be over with?! 
I mean I can handle being chilly but when its only 15 degrees out on warm days and I just feel like I'm freezing all day, that's usually when I start crying for Spring. 
Saturday was amazing! It was 55 almost 60 degrees out. We opened the doors and a few window to let some fresh air in while I cleaned. 
It was amazing! I felt like MAYBE Spring would be joining us early like it did last year! 
And then I remember I live in good ol' freaking Missouri because Sunday when I woke up it was 20 degrees out and I was freezing again. 
You would think since living in Missouri your whole life used be used to it but nope I still hate winter! 

So since I have the winter blues I thought I would share some cute outfits I love for this Spring. 
Yes, I will be prego and feeling/looking like a beach whale BUT that doesn't mean I can't share with you ladies some cute freaking outfits I would love to get my ass into! 
Hope you enjoy! And to all my followers that live in warm places please pray that it gets warm here soon!

 I love maxi dresses and that hat!! 

Those shoes are what sold me the outfit! I die! 

Pretty much in love with this dress!! 

Pretty sure I need this! Also I think my girl Megan would love this! 

Of course I don't do good with white but these pants are so freaking cute!! 

Also as you can tell I LOVE me some dresses! Like if I could I would wear them everyday!!! 
Thanks to Pinterest for letting me dream about Spring :) 
Happy hump day everyone! 


  1. I always wished I was pregnant during the spring and summer, the clothes are so much cuter!

    I love all those outfits though, thanks for sharing!

  2. SO cute. There are some cute maternity clothes out there, my go to was Old Navy just because it was cheap and fit my already fat and getting fatter ass. haha.

  3. All those outfits made mewish for spring. I'm offciailly over boots and scarves!

  4. Cute, cute and more cute! I'm totally getting a maxi dress to wear when I'm all big and huge, I think pregnant women look so cute in them!

  5. Cute outfits - and maxi dresses are the bomb.com for being preggers :)