11 January 2013

High 5 for Friday!!

Well guys since I'm back I thought I would get back to my High 5 for Friday. 
Its such an easy post and I love it! 
Here's my top 5

1. My best friend had her baby girl! She's sooo cute!!! 
2. Best book you'll read while preggers! 
3. My cute little cuddle buddy. 
4. My biggest craving right now! At least its halfway healthy right?! :) 
5. Registers for my first 5k of 2013! 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! 
Does anyone have big plans??


  1. I am itching to sign up for my first 5k of the year!
    That book looks great, I will have to check it out in my next pregnancy. I read "How to Rock Your Baby" and that was a great book too.

  2. I'll need to remember that book in the future! Which 5k did you register for?! Hope you have an aweomse weekend!